Affordable Printer servicing

Photocopier repairs on-site to all sorts of copiers and printers.

Affordable Printer Servicing

Photocopier Repair in Brisbane

Photocopier Repair in Brisbane

Photocopier Repair in BrisbanePhotocopier Repair in BrisbanePhotocopier Repair in Brisbane

Once out of warranty Printer Repairs Brisbane can service your machine at very competitive rates.

24 years experience.

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Printer Error on Display


If your printer starts to make strange noises or shows an error on the display panel 

call 3878 9203 now for some expert advice.

Printer maintenance is important to keep your machine running at it's best and keep you running cool.

Scanning Issues? 

We can configure your machine to scan to email. 

If you have changed providors or moved office Printer Repairs in Brisbane can help with setting up your network correctly. 

Printer Repairs In Brisbane at Competitive Rates

Printer Repairs in Brisbane Service Area

Printer Repairs in Brisbane is an independent local service business. 

We travel to you and perform On-site repairs to all sorts of colour and mono laser printers and copiers.

Urgent printer repairs in Brisbane can be done same day.

Copier repairs in Brisbane are done by booking on 38789203.

Affordable Printer Repairs To These Makes

Printer Repairs Brisbane service all of these makes and models.

We have been operating for 24 years repairing all sorts of printers and copiers around Brisbane.


All of these machines are serviced by Printer Repairs Brisbane at very affordable prices.

 Why not try us for a change ?

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Paper Jam Solutions


If you need to clear a paper jam in your printer then here is a tip on how to do it successfully.

1. Always try to remove the jammed paper in the direction that the paper was going.

2. If you have removed a paper jam, did all of the paper come out in one piece?

If there is some paper left in the machine and you can't reach it then call 3878 9203 for some assistance.

We do both Ink Jet and Laser printer repairs in Brisbane.

Late Model Used Copiers

Printer Repairs Brisbane have a range of used printers at Competitive Prices

Good late model used copiers can be just as cost effective as a brand new machine....... without the huge price tag.

Printer Repairs in Brisbane likes to Re-use these machines as it helps cuts down on e-waste and can help save our planet.

Late Model Used Printers

Late Model Used Colour Printers at Reduced Prices

Good late model used colour printers at less than half new price.

Just ask for a quote and you may be pleasantly surprised at what we can do to save you some cash.


Generous warranty.

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